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for the link in the hot topics bar near the top of the home page. >>> in libya tonight, u.s. fighter pilots are enforcing a no-fly zone over libya after a barrage of allied missiles struck anti-aircraft defenses but there are big questions moving forward about how long and how far the u.s. will go as it involves itself in a war. tom fitzgerald in the news room now and the president sought to answer a few of the questions today. >> he did, brian. and the president is in chile tonight as he continues his trip in latin america. in a news conference this afternoon, president obama said moving forward, the u.s. is going to take on a diminished role in this operation but clearly tonight the u.s. military is in the lead in libya. u.s. military officials say so far the no-fly zone is proving successful. as two days of attacks by the u.s. and allies, gadhafi has been unable to launch new air attacks against other forces. >> we have spent considerable effort to degrade libya's machines military command and control capability. >> reporter: the no-fly zone is in place other northern libya. the goal is
tonight waiting to see what's next after the u.s. and british forces fire on moammar gadhafi's regime. libyan state television is reporting 48 fatalities in the missile assault and claims most of the victims are children, but that has not been confirmed by u.s. sources. of course gadhafi is vowing to fight back. the u.s. is leading a coalition of some 20 nations in what's being called operation odyssey dawn. welcome to the news edge, i'm will thomas. >> and i'm maurine. the strikes are clearing the way for european and other planes. craig, what can you tell us? >> will and maurine, three u.s. and navy destroyers along with british vessels fired more than 110tomahawk missiles. >> today i authorized the armed force of the united states to begin a limited military action in libya. >> speaking to reporters while on an overseas trip, president obama announced a joint military effort has begunfiring on key targets inside libya. the move comes after top world leaders met in paris to decide on a course of action against moammar gadhafi's continued aggression against rebel forces. >> this
now on "fox news sunday." missile strikes. the u.s. and britain fire more than 100 cruise missiles as coalition forces act to protect the libyan rebels from muammar qaddafi. we'll have an update on talk with the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mike mullen live on "fox news sunday." then two leading senators weigh in on the mix, lindsey graham and jack reed. japan works t work contain a nr disaster. we will get the latest from japan and talk with the secretary of energy steven chu. plus, we ask our sunday panel if the president is taking the lead on these issues or following. all right now on "fox news sunday." hello again from fox news in washington where we are tracking two major stories. we have a reporter in libya where the u.s. and its allies are using military force to protect the antiqaddafi rebels. and in japan, where officials are making progress toward bringing a nuclear plant under control. we'll have more on that later and talk with the secretary of energy. first, libya, u.s. stealth bombers struck a major libyan airfield. and qaddafi called the raids terr
. >> reporter: by this morning, the u.s.s. reagan and its support ships and other u.s. military personnel had already begun 20 missions. the aircraft have been conducting missions on the lookout for things like this, a man found 10 miles out to sea, clinging to his roof. he had apparently run back to his house to retriever things when the tsunami hit. he broke down and cried. his wife remains missing. in addition to military help, the u.s. is providing lots of civilian humanitarian add. two rescue teams, one from fairfax, virginia, the other from los angeles have arrived in japan. they are among teams sent from 10 different countries. the american red cross also helping out in an assistance capacity for the japanese red cross. >> there are also pockets of communities where no one has been able to get to yet, because they've been cut off by roads that have been destroyed or even by the tsunami waters that haven't receded. those are the people we're really worried about. >> reporter: the good news about this disaster with so many assets already in place in japan at the naval base, the naval sta
. then, oil in the middle east. from syria, to libya and beyond. what should be the role of the u.s. military? we'll get an update from the region and talk with two of the senate's most influential voices on foreign policy. john mccain and joe lieberman. and healthcare reform one year later. we'll ask our sunday group what is the long-term prognosis for the president's signature legislation? all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. before we talk with our guests, we want to bring you the latest on events in the middle east. in syria, government soldiers have been deployed around the cities that have seen the biggest protests. in yemen, talks for a peaceful transfer of power failed saturday. now authorities worry about al-qaeda gaining strength in that country. and in libya, bombing by u.s. and allied planes has paved the way for rebel forces to retake the key oil town of brega. for more on libya, let's bring in fox news correspondent steve harrigan in tripoli. steve? >> reporter: chris, a rapid advance by the rebels, they are moving west quick
is responding. >> reporter: seven u.s. military ships were sent to the region, including the uss ronald reagan with medical facilities on board and airlift capabilities to move people and supply. president obama had a briefing this morning. the white house said, by his homeland security advisor in the office. and in japan, the u.s. has 38,000 troops stationed in japan. the defense department put out this video of marines preparing to leave their homebase on the island of okinawa, to head to mainland japan with rescue equipment, cargo, personnel, and other assets. robert gates said the military wants to provide whatever is needed by the government of japan and the u.s. embassy in tokyo. >> we have the ronald reagan closing on japan right now and sending another amphibious ship and we're pulling in helicopters from around the region region and so on and those two ships can be used for helicopter operations in the humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. >> and usaid deployed two urban search-and-rescue teams at the request of the japanese government. one team left today, and joining the rest
seem to be doing their job. u.s. attorney d.c. d.c., can't have a higher investigator than that -- district of columbia, can't have a higher investigator than that. >> reporter: issa's probe caught her by surprise. >> not only did i not know about it, you would have thought as a courtesy i would have been given some notice, but the staff of the committee didn't know about it until the press release came out. >> reporter: meanwhile it appears sulaimon brown is fully cooperating with the agencies investigating his allegations. this morning he was called to the fbi again. did they ask you to bring anything? >> can't comment. >> reporter: did you bring anything? >> can't comment on that either. >> reporter: we also caught up with mayor gray at a ceremony to recognize d.c.'s use of green energy, but he didn't want to talk about the controversy. >> i want to stay on this, okay? i talked about the house last night. i want to stay on this. this is a good news story and i want to stay with that. thank you. >> reporter: congresswoman norton says she spoke to chairman issa today by ph
in their 60s. a neighbor tells fox5 they are iranian nationals who are permanent residents of the u.s. the couple left for iran several weeks ago for the end engagement of one of their two daughters. investigators say they have been in touch with the owners who say they have no idea who would want to harm them or their property. they reported no recent threats or trouble of any kind. >> until we know what it is i will be a little bit nervous about what is going on here. >> reporter: this is where the bomb went off. plywood now covers the window. we are told that it is actually is the window that would ajoin a sitting room at the very front of the house. again, they are saying that the captured a lot of this on surveillance camera but stopped short of saying they actually captured the person placing the bomb on the window sile. the damage is fairly significant. we are told it is 25,000 to 50,000 dollars worth of damage here, sean. >> thank goodness no one got hurt. paul wagner, thanks. >> the reward is growing tonight in a bethesda murder mystery and also growing the memorial outside t
. his own attorney general to investigate. the fbi has working with the u.s. attorney's office. i did call over to the u.s. attorney's office this afternoon and a spokesman said they could not provide us with an update but that this is an ongoing investigation. i also spoke to an attorney for one of the people who suliman brown has been making charges against, howard brooks, the person who was a campaign consultant for vincent gray, his attorney glen ivy says his client is cooperating. >> another developing story this evening elementary age school kids sent to the hospital after ingesting cocaine. we are following this developing story in northwest. john. >> reporter: bryan we actually have had new details released in the last hour. i am at thompson elementary school on l street, downtown washington, d.c., this is a chinese language program school but a dc public school. police officers were here for much of the afternoon, at one point i counted 4 cruisers. here is what we know, a student brought an undetermined amount of cocaine into the school, shared with other students, four of th
of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission said told the water is gone from that pool -- today the water is gone from that pool. if that is true, it means there would be nothing to stop a potential meltdown, but the japanese tonight deny that. as for the survivors, the earthquake and tsunami has ripped away life as they knew it. hundreds of thousands of people are crammed into makeshift shelters across japan and all the while still dealing with almost hourly aftershocks, freezing cold temperatures outside and food rationing. the infrastructure roads where cars once drove are now cracked and buckled. major supply lines are disrupted and with the country's nuclear power plants in peril electricity is in short supply making it harder to deliver even the very basics to those in desperate need. people are waiting in long lines. they're about 1/2-mile long in some cases just to get their hands on those basic needs. >> translator: i don't have gas. i don't have kerosene for heat. i don't have electricity. i don't have anything at all in my home. to survive all i can do is wait no matter how lo
on a libian missile site. they are back in safe u.s. hands tonight thanks in large part to the work of the libian opposition forces. this is all that is left of the u.s. f-15 eagle that crashed near benghazi. u.s. officials say it was not brought down by anti-aircraft defenses from libya. >> i heard there must have been been a mechanical problem but i don't know for sure. >> reporter: pentagon officials say one crew member was found by libian opposition forces, the other by a marine rescue plane. both suffered minor injuries. with the no-fly zone now in place, rebel forces are trying to regain momentum. after a week of punishing air strikes by gadhafi forces. [ sound of gunfire ] >> reporter: some libians are trying to flee after they said they were threatened by gadhafi forces. >> last night they said if you are not laying down your weapons, we are going to kill a lot of people today. we have no weapons to lay down. >> reporter: but gadhafi forces are being hit by allied air strikes in an effort to stop them from moving to the rebel city of ben
missiles fired as the u.s. military gets involved in a third muslim country. >>> and break down the three big stories in my new sunday sports trifecta. >>> good morning. welcome to fox 5 news sunday. the fair fax county search and rescue team is back in the u.s. after a heroing mission in japan. we'll hear back after they arrive home this morning. >>> first an early morning house fire. a sprawling 10,000 square foot home in hunting town, maryland, went up in flames. now none of the injuries are life threatening. investigators believe it started in the chimney. the home as you can see here is a total loss. >>> now to the latest on the crisis in libya. the air assault has begun. more than 100 tom hawk cruise missiles fired from u.s. and british warships rained down on libya. the target radar sites in the capitol of tripoli. they also hit targets on the ground. ohm battled leader gadafi is promising to fight back calling the attacks a "crusader aggression." clearing the way for a no-fly zone approved by the united nations on thursday night. the u.s. is leading a coalition of some 20 nations
on the sunday talk shows. melanie alnwick has a round-up for us. >> reporter: japan's u.s. ambassador and on meet the press. >> we have to take quick action. we have to take a most cautious attitude and also we have to mobilize all our forces. these are the principles in meeting with these great challenges that we are face. >> reporter: a nuclear security expert told chris wallace. worst case scenario is a full meltdown of multiple reactors. >> they spew radioactivity into the ground, the air, water. some of that radioactivity could carry in the atmosphere to the west coast of the united states. >> reporter: the fear is already spreading, dampening what had been a growing call for more nuclear facilities here in the u.s. senator joe lieberman said all 104 u.s. plants do go through annual safety drills. >> i've been a big supporter of nuclear power because it is domestic, it is ours and it is clean. we've had a good safety record here in the united states. but i think we've got -- i don't want to stop the building of nuclear power plants but i think we've got to kind of quickly put the
and the u.s. role is winding down. president obama says the united states will give up control of the operation soon. >> we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of days and not a matter of weeks. >> the only favorable strategic outcome is ghadafi gone and some form of stability re- established in a country that right now is facing a protracted civil war. >> the coalition forces are planning to expand the no-fly zone over libya. >>> an update now on the disaster in japan. members of the nuclear regulatory commission met yesterday at its headquarters in rockville. they say the situation at a damaged nuclear plant in japan appears to be stabilizing. officials are working to restore power to the cooling systems but that could steak a few more weeks because of the extensive damage caused by the deadly 9.0 earthquake and tsunami. more than 450,000 people have been displaced from that and the death toll could top 18,000. a virginia woman's body has been found in the rub all of a building in japan too. 4-year-old taylor anderson was killed during the earthquake and tsun
. the operation comes just days after the u.s., europe and the arab world announced a plan. >> our air force will oppose any action by colonel qaddafi against civilians. >> reporter: the u.s. will help protect french and other airmissions. depending upon how libyans respond, the u.s. mi launch additional attacks. secretary of state hillary clinton says that the u.s. will break unique capabilities to bare. >> we will support an international coalition as it takes all necessary measures to enforce the terms of resolution 1973. >> president obama says that the u.s. and a coalition of other countries are prepared to act with urgency to end violence against civilians in libya. >> our resolve is strong and the terms are clear. we must protect the libyan civilians. >> reporter: the u.s. navy right now has three submarines in the mediterranean. in new york, rick fullbow, fox news. >>> president obama spoke from brazil which is why you just saw a picture of him at the beginning of the story. president obama says that he did not want to take this action. in fact, that's why the u.s. are only protectin
people. >> reporter: the joint chief's chairman and secretary of defense said a decision to use u.s. forces in libya would be weighed against the two wars already underway. >> if we move additional assets, what are the consequences of that? for afghanistan. and for the persian gulf? >> reporter: there are several military options the u.s. could pursue. enforcing a no-fly zone to stop his air force from attacking protestors and to supporting the growing humanitarian crisis caused by thousands of libyan refugees. >> and we're taking noing ons off the table as long as the libyan government continues to turn its guns on its own people. >> reporter: so far, the unitedinations has not authorized the use of force in libya by any country and if authorized, it would come with a risk. >> we don't want to see u.s. jets over the skies of libya. >> reporter: this congressional advisor and author of the coming revolution said the u.s. would prefer using air-and- naval forces rather than ground troops. >> what the united states can consider doing is come in close to the shores and establish a bloc
when we have the best independent investigator on the job right now, and that's the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia. i don't think that you can get more independent than that mary shay understands that her constituents of the district of columbia expect her to do a thorough investigation. there is a lot that can come from these investigative offices and none from the congress. though i had a good long conversation and left a mess am at home. he did call me. i'm very satisfied with that conversation. he has not announced a hearing yet. we can't tell you all of what was said. it was a good conversation. i believe that if the city does what it is supposed to do, that it will become apparent to the congress that there is nothing that they can do. and let me make it clear why. if we were to have a hearing, the people who we would call, most of those who the congress has already called up here to see, would take the fifth amendment. therefore, we won't learn anything from a hearing. >> reporter: isn't that what the house republicans are saying, they tried to get information b
. the u.s. sent one other urban search and rescue team. that team is from los angeles. of course, our coverage will be online on myfoxdc.com. let's check back in with mary ann after -- rafferty with a look at japan. >> there was a loud bang followed by white smoke and a third reactor of the power planted. it is likely that a hydrogen explosion occurred. >> reporter: authorities have been frantically trying to cool the plant down following a system failure in the wake of a massive earthquake and tsunami. the government has evacuated tens of thousands near the plant. monday also brought a powerful 6.2 aftershock to japan. residents are still scrambling to evacuate in the wake of friday's massive 9.0 magnitude quake. millions of quake survivors are struggling to find food and water and drivers are being rationed small amounts of fuel has some gas station are running out. the u.s. state department urges no americans to travel there. japanese-americans are struggling to connect with anyone. >> it is busy all the time. we tried e-mail and when we got on the e-mail and send it out, it came
sunday night in seat pleasant. >>> president obama is laying out his energy plan t includes reducing u.s. alliance on foreign oils and boosting energy production domestically. jennifer davis has the details. >> we cannot keep going from shock when gas prices go up to trance when they go back down. >> reporter: the president says nuclear power needs to be part of the solution. he has ordered a safety review of all u.s. facilities. he lashed out at critics blaming his administration for price tags at the pump. >> any claim that my administration is responsible for gas prices because we, quote, unquote shut down oil production is simply untrue. >> reporter: but republicans counter his administering has opportunity that and much more. >> it has increased permit fees t has prolonged public comment periods. it has done just about anything it can to keep our energy inspector for growing. >> the president encouraged brazil to drill more and sell it to us. >> reporter: nancy policy says the president has support from congressional democrats but green peace is not on board. they issued a statement
and customs enforcement agents say he was deported to honduras in 2004 but snuck back into the u.s. 54- year-old paul kraus died in the crash. two others were hurt when krause's car hit theirs. police a ramos grabbed a 3-year- old out of his own car and ran away from the accident scene but they caught up to him pretty quickly. he has been charged with aggravated involuntary man slot, dui, driving with a revoked license, child endangerment and a felony hit and run. -- involuntary manslaughter. its 30-year-old yea that murray and a cowork he were were bound, sexually assaulted and badly beaten when two men got into lululemon after closing. murray was found dead at the scene. investigators continue to check a number of tips that are coming in. >> investigators have conducted a comprehensive canvass in this area where they've gone to other commercial establishments and other points where there may be video and they are looking at that. >> the surviving victim was reheesed yesterday from the hospital. police have made no arrests. we will speak with the greater chevy chase chambers of commerce abo
get anything though and they took off down independence. u.s. park police say despite that crime, the mall remains safe gentleman several years ago, we do -- we did have some robberies on the mail. they were prosecuted. we haven't had any serious crimes against persons in several years here so we have a pretty low crime rate through here. >> the victim was treated at the hospital for head and leg injuries. he has not been identified. we'll have more coming up in a live report at 6:30. >>> police are soying for a suspect after a deadly shooting in northeast. officers responded to reports of gunfire along bryant street in d.c. just south of rhode island avenue around 10:00 last night. they found a man suffering from gunshot wounds. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital notch word on any -- at the hospital. no word on any motive. >>> mayor vince gray's first state of the district address. the mayor says he is focusing on creating jobs, improving education, stopping hiv transmission and developing communities east of the river. the mayor did not directly discuss the current a
explains the mission. >> reporter: the u.s. officials telling fox news they are anxious to put an arab face on this coalition as soon as possible. pentagon officials repeated sunday that they plan to hand over command and control of the mission in days, not weeks. qatar sent four planes to join french fighter jets but some arab countries are coming with caveats how the airplanes can be used. >> there are french airplanes over benghazi. we will have a 24-7 cap there from now on and effectively he hasn't flown anything in the last couple of days so i would say the no-fly zone that we were tasked to put in place is in place. >> reporter: commanders on the ground in the middle east were not quite ready to go so far suggesting with a country the size of alaska it would take time, hence the next wave of tomahawks following the 114 missiles filed saturday from the uss berry, a navy destroyer, three u.s. submarines and one british sub. initial satellite photos show the need for more tomahawk strikes. officials did not expect the mission to include targeting moammar gadhafi personally. >> i haven't
. using air strikes to attack rebels near tripoli. the debate is heating up. should the u.s. impose a no fly zone over libya. president obama had another stern warning for top leaders today. >> president obama also announced another $15 million in humanitarian aid to help the growing refugee crisis. it is the question of u.s. military action that has some in capitol hill right now saying the u.s. has to act sooner rather than later. what started as a protest is looking more and more like civil war. as opposition forces tried to move towards the capitol, the ruler is striking back. as jets fire on his own people, hospitals are being flooded with casualties. thousands of refugees represent a humanitarian crisis. >> i want to send a clear message to those around him. >> reporter: president obama warned libyan officials they will be held responsible for the crackdown. u.s. military action is still being discussed. >> we've got nato as we speak consulting around a wide range of potential options including potential military options. >> reporter: nato's secretary general said they just fi
-fly zone. >> as doug luzader shows us now, the white house is trying to dial back the u.s. involvement in the mission. >> reporter: the u.s. plans to step back now from the primary leadership role in this libian operation just as the international consensus may be fraying: a reinvigorate the option in libya and a path way of a destruction of what remained of gadhafi forces that were closed in on a rebel stronghold. the pounding from u.s. and coalition forces has begun to subside. the emphasis is on locking down the air space over the libian capital. >> with the growing capabilities of the coalition, i anticipate the no-fly zone will soon extend to drega and misratta and then to tripoli. >> reporter: and some countries are questioning how this will play out. the bomb and missile attacks have gone beyond taking out anti-aircraft batteries. and while the president has not altered his latin american tour schedule, while in chile he did make clear that u.s. will soon play more of a background role. >> let me emphasize that we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of days and
on ghadafi's home town of sirte tonight, coming after a week of bombardment and a no-fly zone. the u.s. is leading the efforts and that is scheduled to change soon. >>> and in a few hours, president obama will spend out his plans for u.s. military action in libya and that comes as questions mount about the u.s. role. tom fitzgerald is in our newsroom tonight. a lot shifted the last two weeks. >> reporter: when you look at the landscape now, two weeks ago these rebels were on the verge of losing control of their own unofficial capitol. tonight, they're pushing west with the sites set on ghadafi's own hometown. in washington, president obama is going to seek to reassure the american people and an increasingly skeptical united states congress when he tries to spell out what the u.s. intentions are in libya. moa mar ghadafi's strangle hold on libya appears to be weakening. they have hit the forces in the south, leaving behind burned- out tanks. the rebels who just two weeks ago were in danger of losing their unofficial capital of benghazi, are pushing west to ghadafi's own home town of sir
warships and fighter planes hit radar and communications sites. the u.s. is leading the bombing but the defense secretary says they will turn control over it a coalition and ghadafi is promising a long fight. the u.s. was joined by british and french warplanes in last night's bombardment as well. workers have been evacuated from a japanese nuclear complex after gray smoke could be seen rising from one. the reactors. there are still signs that radiation is seeping through. the health ministry discovered more produce that contains elevated levels of radiation. japanese officials began spraying concrete on reactors today to contain the leaks. it is believed the death toll from the earthquake and tsunami will top 18,000. >>> in the meantime, there are more amazing stories of survival coming out of japan. here is another one. an 80-year-old woman and her teenaged grandson were found alive nine days after the earthquake and tsunami. the 16-year-old managed to dig himself out of the their flattened two story home and led rescuers to his grandmother who was having trouble walking. both
. >> reporter: the u.s. isn't completely off the hook here, but this does help the president diminish the u.s. role over libya. our u.s. fighter jets doing heavy lifting could be over. they went along with the plan to lookdown libyan air space. >> we have agreed along with nato allies to transition, command, and control for the no- fly zone over libya to nato. >> reporter: it's an out for president obama who wanted to limit u.s. leadership in the libyan mission. but there are still some questions about what role nato will play protecting civilians. the u.s. military would still be responsible for going after the military on the ground. the most difficult and controversial mission in libya. there are some things that only the u.s. military can do. >> we will continue to apply the pressure we can through strikes on logistics and weapons capability to compel them to stop killing their own people. >> reporter: that mission could test the resolve of the united nations which called for the intervention in the first place. for critics of the president's leadership, this is e evidence of a weakened u
libian forces. >> rebels trying to advance on several cities but they are not organized and the u.s. is warning of a long stalemate. also following breaking developments concerning a u.s. war plane that crashed in a field near benghazi. the pilot of the f-15 e eagle was rescued and is okay. >> as doug luzader reports, the white house is trying to dial back the u.s. involvement in the mission. >> reporter: the u.s. plans to step back now from the primary leadership role in this libian operation just as the international consensus may be fraying. a reinvigorated opposition in eastern libya and a path of destruction on a high way of what remains of a gadhafi forces that was closing in on a rebel strong hold. the pounding on u.s. and coalition forces has begun to subside. the impetuous is on looking down the air space over the libian capital. >> with the growing capabilities of the coalition, i anticipate the no-fly zone will extend to dregga and disratta and tripoli. >> reporter: but some are questioning how this will play out. the bomb and missile attacks have gone beyond taking out a
. >> we begin with the crisis in libya. the u.s. military is joining other nations with air attacks. we have video cued up showing tomahawk missiles being fired. the air assault is being called operation odyssey dawn. thanks for joining us at 10:00, i'm will thomas. >> and i'm maurine. france are main players in the operation using sea and air fleets to attack. steve is in tripoli with the latest. >> reporter: this is one of the first tomahawk missiles launched from a u.s. navy destroyer in the mediterranean. more than 100 fires, their target is libya's air defense systems. a senior u.s. official says the strikes severely disabled them, clearing the way for air patrols by french fighter jets to cripple libya's air power. moammar gadhafi vowing revenge, staying arms are being opened to let people defend the country and threatening to attack military and civilian targets in the mediterranean region. the mediterranean and north africa will become a real war zone because of this irresponsible act and all countries interest in the reason will be in danger starting from now because of this m
to dump water on the reactors and u.s. scientists are joining the effort to help prevent a full meltdown. >> we are first and foremost focused now on helping in any way we can to help the japanese government and the power company contain -- cool down the reactors and contain it and stop the leaking. >> reporter: u.s. helicopters are still flying in relief suppliesment on the ground search continues for survivors as the death toll markets. and the stock market rebounded after two dismal days. u.s. markets may follow the trend today but with both the nuclear crisis and a humanitarian disaster, jap an will face years of recovery. japan's defense ministry said the water drops seen on tv were a drill and there are no plans to dump water on the to the nuclear reactors. damages are now estimated between $150 up to nearly $200 billion and that's without the possible nuclear meltdown. allison and tony. >> sherry ly, thank you so much. >>> the priority is keeping the fuel rods cool. friday's earthquake knocked out the cooling system and since then they have poured sea water on the rods. vessel is
. >> reporter: the top u.s. energy official meanwhile, steven shoe, expressed frustration with the information coming from japanese officials. >> events unfeeling in japan incident appears to be more serious than three-mile island. to what extent, we don't know now and as they're unfolding rapidly on an hour-by-hour, day- by-day basis and there are conflicting reports, so we don't know what is happening. >> reporter: at the white house, questions surveyed about the japanese government's honesty in dealing with the crisis and who americans should listen to. >> when there is a situation when our advice on what to do in reaction to this incident to protect your physical safety, if first from the advice the government of japan is giving, we'll give separate and additional advice to american citizens in japan. >> reporter: millions are struggling still with no electricity, little food, water or heat and in frigid temperatures, rescuers are trying to find survivors five days later, followed by a tsunamina thaswallowed entire towns, survivors are being found. >> chances of survival are small but we'r
, the questioning however, surrounded libya. the president announced he instructed u.s. relief agencies to assist evacuees in returning to their home countries and sending humanitarian aid teams to the libyan border. as for gadhafi himself, he says he should give up power in libya. >> you have seen with great clarity he's lost legitimacy with his people. and, so, let me just be very unambiguous about this. colonel gadhafi needs to step down from power and leave. >> reporter: he was in libya today where we also saw more increasing signs that the protests are being replaced by a civil war there. leaders of the opposition say libyan jets struck two cities that they control. gadhafi's son, meanwhile, had another tv interview today in which he denied there was any unrest. >> tom fitzgerald, thank you. >>> to the news edge on virginia -- prince william county is suing the department of homeland security. the county filed suit after not getting information about this man, in illegal immigrant named carlos montano, charged in an accident that killed a nun last august. information was going to be turned o
in three days, triggers fears of a complete meltdown and radiation exposure and japan is asking the u.s. for help with the threat. >> and i said directly to the prime minister of japan, prime minister, the united states will continue to offer any assistance we can as japan recovers. >> reporter: meanwhile, two u.s. search-and-rescue teams are on the ground to ashest is as millions of people face a fourth night without electricity, water, food, or heat in near-freezing temperatures. >> in an hour of the earthquake, we had a response management team set up to coordinate an interagency governmental response that has been working 24/7 ever since. >> and japanese officials say they overwhelmed and the toll is estimate at $100 billion but the human toll, brian, is incalculable. >>> you will find the latest developments on www.myfoxdc.com and the pictures of the aftermath. find out how to help those affected by the quake and tsunami. >>> chaos continues in libya. moa mar ghadafi's -- moa mar ghadafi's military battles rebels. they're getting pounded using tanks, tillery and air strikes. he cla
performance. brian? >> katie houston tonight. >>> the u.s. military officials say tonight that libya's air force has been defeated. the coalition jet fighters are turning their attention to ghadafi's ground troops. and how about giving us the latest on that bombing campaign. >> reporter: the latest bombing is targeting the ammunition depot. this is meaning the allies have cleared -- cleared the skies of the libyan jetfighters and are looking to rob him of the tank and ammunition die poes his -- depots his troops would need if they wanted to move on the rebel hill city. the night skies are lighting up with some tracer fire as libyan government forces try and fail to downthe coalition aircraft. a didfiant ghadafi, meanwhile. [speaking in native tongue] >> reporter: staged another rambling appearance before a hand-picked group of his supporters. >> i'm standing over here to fight, so fight them. >> reporter: the ocean jets are targeting his ammunitions stockpile. thanks, artillery and nato missiles, while nato ships are enforcing a blockade. >> this is to
obama will try to answer the questions over the u.s. role in libya and he is facing increasing back lash over what his intensions are for the u.s. military. foam tom fitzgerald is in the newsroom now. they may argue with how the president explained the u.s. role, hard to argue with the success so far. >> reporter: that's correct, and results are on the ground. the rebels were on the verge of losing control there and tonight, they're pushing west and having their sites set on ghadafi's hometown and in washington, a chorus of the critics were calling on the president to spell out in clear terms, how long the u.s. military's role will go on in libya. the president said it's humanitarian and libyan ground forces were hit and some republicans said congress should be consulted before more changes are made and in that tactics employed in libya. >> the president made clear our compat force's role in libya will be limited in scope and during a. tonight, i hope he reiterates that pledge or ask congress before extending the duration or scope of our mission there. >> reporter: nato has taken control
>>> a second hydrogen explosion in three days reported at a nuclear plant in japan. the u.s. now shifting offshore aid away from the area. meantime, the death toll is rying in the wake of the massive earthquake and tsunami that devastated the nation. we have got the latest developments straight ahead. >>> sexual assault and murder inside a popular store in bethesda. the suspects are still on the loose. fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:00. >>> start you off with a view of the nation's capital this morning. it is monday morning, march 14. 38degrees at reagan national airport. thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's get a check of weather with tucker barnes. he is here with more on what is a chilly start to the day but it will be a nice forecast for the rest of the week too. >> temperature-wise, this will be the cool one today and better and better from here. by the end of the week, spring is going to -- it will feel like spring around here. let's get right to the bus stop forecast. it will be cold for the kids or for you
since 1997, at least three in virginia. thomas was arrested march 4th in new haven. >>> two u.s. naval pilots are safe tonight after their fighter jet crash landed in libya. plane went down on the fourth day of u.s. and allied military operations to enforce a no-fly zone. tom fitzgerald is in the news room. what happened to the jet? >> reporter: the plane did not come down as a result of fire. they said the aircraft suffered mechanical problems. this held outside of benghazi as the crew was caring out a strike mission against a libian missile site. one crew member was picked up by a marine corp search plane and the other was found by libian opposition forces and then returned safely to u.s. hands. elsewhere, coalition forces have pounded gadhafi's military with more than 24 tomahawk missile strikes and robert gates said it has helped stop gadhafi ground forces but the u.s. allies will soon be taking over the lead. >> it just seems logical that once we have the air defense systems sufficiently suppressed, that the level of military activity would decline. >> are you talking about u.s. m
as president obama works to assure americans there is no radiation risk in the u.s. fox 5 morning news continues right now. >>> we're going to get started at 6:00 thon friday as we look live over washington, d.c. this morning. it will be a nice one. temperatures already nice out there this mourn. it will be a great day. good morning, thank you for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm sarah simmons. >>> i'm steve chenevey, thank you for being with us this friday morning. let's say good morning to tony perkins. >> good morning everybody. not a bad day on tap for us. let's take a look, get to it, your satellite-radar composite, no moisture or precipitation out there i should say. humidity levels 75, 76%. we do have clouds across the region this morning. i do think we will feature some clouds during the course of the day. will we see sunshine? yes, there will be clouds around as well. nothing in the way of precipitation for us during the day. off to the west you could see a little shower or two later on. temperature, i will pull this out for you. you can see the big picture, more clouds
if we can get anybody in there. >> reporter: the chief of the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission said today that all the water is gone from a pool at fukushima. if that is true, it means there would be nothing to stop a potential meltdown. however, the japanese are saying tonight that that is just not true. either way u.s. officials are recommending anyone within 50 miles of the nuclear plant evacuate now. shawn. >> laura evans, thank you. dr. timothy jorgenson, chair of the radiation safety committee at georgetown university medical center joins us tonight. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> let's begin with the human impact. the japanese government is ordering people not to come within a 12-mile radius of that plant. the u.s. is urging americans to stay at least 50 miles from that damaged reactor. what is the risk to the people of japan in the 50-mile radius and even those further away say in tokyo? >> i think the immediate risk to the people is that one of these nuclear power plants will have a meltdown and there will be a large emission of radioactivity and i think the risk d
coast of the u.s. and canada. in the last hour, tsunami warning sirens have been going off in hawaii bracing for a tidal we've. the 8.9 earthquake one of the biggest to hit japan. the prime minister there calling for calm. the government calling for international assistance and the u.s. ambassador in japan says the united states is ready to help. >>> we'll continue to monitor that throughout the morning. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. tucker barnes with us here with a look at our forecast as we get things moving on a friday morning. >> good morning. much improvement today after last night got very interesting. we had severe thunderstorm warnings, a lot of heavy rain. all of that oust here and now we are looking at some sunshine. >> that will be good. >> quieter weather and spring- like conditions around here. we've been promising it all week. by tomorrow, it will be absolutely beautiful. we'll show you the rain moving on out of here. the heaviest rain still off to the east. we'll see more and more sunshine during the day today. a little later today, we'll see more clouds
this speech. defending his actions and explaining why this intervention matters to the united states. with u.s. tomahawk cruise missiles still launching off libya shores, president obama said he had little choice but to step in. >> and as president, i refused to wait for the images of slaughter and mass graves before taking action. >> reporter: libian leader gadhafi he said was on the eve of touching off a massacre. the president made his case at the national defense university before an audience filled with u.s. military leaders. nato, he said, has already taken away much of the u.s. burden in libya but the u.s. military is still playing an active role, helping libian rebels claw background lost to gadhafi forces. while the president calls gadhafi a tire ant who needs to leave, he said the military will stop short of forcing him out, comparing it to the war in iraq. >> regime change there took years and thousands of american and iraqi lives and a trillion dollars. that is not something we can afford to repeat if libya. >> reporter: and the president went to great lengths to frame libya as a h
victims helped give survivors closure. they were thanked by japan's ambassador to the u.s. >> all the americans are so proud of you and people in japan are so grateful to you. >> reporter: if family members, the team's hard work is nothing new but they say this time around, knowing the ongoing threats of aftershocks and a nuclear meltdown, made them worry more than usual. they are happy and relieved to have their loved ones finally home. >> i'm very proud of them and proud of the way they're representing us and they don't look at themselves as heroes but we all do. >>> good morning. it is 4:30 on this morning as we take a live look over washington, d.c. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. let's check in with tony perkins. >> good morning to you. >> earlier, i said hopefully it was decent. i was being very hopeful. i was like maybe it changed overnight but not going to be great. >> we've got a few showers out there this morning passing across portions of the viewing area and i think during the day today we'll see more periods of run and maybe even some thunderstorm activity during the
tripoli tonight. a top commander says u.s. coalition forces will accelerate attacks on gadhafi's fighters in the coming days and hours. also tonight libyan leader moammar gadhafi is speaking out, fox 5's e ever following today's developments. >> this is actually gadhafi's first public appearance in a week. libyan state television broadcast what it said was live coverage of gadhafi's statement. in short he said in the short term we'll beat them. in the long term we'll beat them. gadhafi's attacks on civilians in misrata continue today. tonight we're learning more about the circumstances surrounding the cash of the u.s. fighter jet in lybia -- crash of the u.s. fighter jet in lybia. the pentagon believes mechanical failure caused an f- 15 to cause near benghazi monday, the fighter jet on an air defense mission when it went town. the pilot and weapons officer -- down. the pilot and weapons officer ejected safely. >> one crew member was recovered by coalition forces. the other crew member was recovered by the people of lybia. were the u.s. led coalition forces are extending the no fly zone, t
president obama spoke about the u.s. led attacks on lybia and the enforcement of a no fly zone. he says the u.s. will soon relinquish control of the operation. >> we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of days and not a matter of weeks. >> reporter: and in no uncertain terms the president also said moammar gadhafi has to go, but the u.s. commander in charge of the operation warns the libyan leader could remain in power by the end of the military operation. >> and so i could see accomplishing the military mission, which has been a sign to me -- assigned to me, and the current leader would remain the current leader. >> the only favorable strategic outcome is gadhafi gone and some form of stability reestablished in a country that right now is facing a protracted civil war. >> reporter: coalition forces have launched about 125 tomahawk cruise missiles at strategic military locations including part of gadhafi's own compound, but commanders say gadhafi is not a target. the u.s. also a says coalition jets are now expanding knot fly zone and strikes have stopped gadhafi -- the
the wheel. assistant u.s. attorney john siroka asked the judge to impose a 20-year sentence for the, quote, disregard that jones showed, especially after prior traffic and substance convicts. the defense asked for mercy. jones addressed the court, turning his head slightly toward the spectators and saying to the family, i am truly sorry and then turning back toward the judge and adding i hope one day they find it in theirer hearts to for-- their hearts to forgive me. the superior judge wasup moved grimly pointing out the defendant was arrested 13 times the last 10 years, convicted five times and was forbidden to drive. the sentence, 20 years. >> the real enemy in my men -- opinion is not mr. jones but the easy access to drugs, and i think unless and until we can do something to stem the tide, we will have unfortunate tragedies like this again. >> reporter: the physical injuries to all four children have mostly healed but they're still traumatized about the death of their mother. >> >>> a heartbreaking accident in laurel. the prince georges county police report a mother was dropping her two
is promising u.s. help to japan. the president's planned news conference today on oil prices in libya began with lengthy comments about the devastating earthquake. tom fitzgerald is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: as you mentioned, shape, the president took a number of questions about the ongoing crisis in libya and clearly tonight, the disaster is overshadowing much of what is going on in the world. the president was notified of the quake and we were told at 4:00 a.m. and tonight -- emergency assets are moving into place. >> good morning, everybody. >> reporter: after a morning filled with scenes of destruction in japan, tonight, president obama is pledging full u.s. support. >> fema is fully activated. >> reporter: the president said the united states navy has dispatched ships to help. >> we currently have an aircraft carrier in japan and another is on its way. we also have a ship en route to the marianas islands to assist as needed. >> reporter: president obama spoke by phone friday with japan's prime minister who indicated japan's primary need
in the correct drives -- griefs. tonight, one u.s -- graves. tonight, the situation might be worse than originally thought and tom fitzgerald joins us now and this is going to the issue of mismarked graves? >> reporter: that is what it's about. the new information stems from previously secret testimony from the workers at the ceremony. the testimony that indicates the number of mismarked graves at arlington national cemetary and maybe larger than previously thought. arlington national cemetary is america's hallowed ground. but arlington's image has been under siege since the army revealed decades of mislabeled graves missing remains and headstones being used to line waterways. the scope of the mismanagement and bad record keeping here at arlington national cemetery came to light in 2010, but as a new administrator gets to work at sorting out the mess, it turns out the problem might be much worse than previously thought. a new article in "time" magazine suggests the mix-up is so bad, that it might be impossible to sort out. time-obtained transcripts, t
has become too much to handle. >> we've been advised by the u.s. ambassador and by a nuclear expert friend of mine that we should get out for now. otherwise, we wouldn't leave, because we love it here. we don't want to leave. >> it's for my children i'm scared. >> reporter: some flights from japan are bringing trace amounts of radiation with them, including o'hare and chicago. >> does it concern you that they've found trace radiation levels on peoplecoming back on these planes from japan from tokyo? >> well i guess i didn't know that. so yeah that is a little concerning. sure it is. >> i would go the other way i'm not that concerned. i think it will be minor if anything at this point. >> reporter: a medical shipment to dallas had small amounts of radiation. >> they're planning flight paths that keep the aircraft away from any potential radioactive clouds that may be out there. they're doing modeling with the nuclear regulatory agency and the faa. >> reporter: atmospheric monitoring stations in southern california are on watch for possible radiation from japan. >> we do not expect ha
in japan. it will charter flights to help u.s. citizens to escape there. the state department is also telling all americans living within 50 miles of the plant to evacuate. but japan has only ordered people within 20 miles to leavu.s. energy secretary says the crisis is more serious than the worst nuclear incident in u.s. history. >> events unfolding in japan incidents -- actually appear to be more serious than three mile island. to what extents we don't really know now. >> another difference between american and japanese officials here? the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says all the water in one of the cooling ponds is gone. but japan says that's not so. now concerns remain that radiation from japan could reach the u.s.. the forecast on tuesday by the united nations says the radioactive plume from the damaged reactors could reach southern california by late tomorrow. however, the "new york times" reports the path will probably change with shifting weather pattern and even at its worst would have a miniscule impact if any on people's health here in the u.s.. we are talking more a
calling for international assistance. look at all those cars there in the water with the boats. the u.s. ambassador in japan says the united states is ready to help. >> the pictures coming from there absolutely increedible. the big story for us here at home, the heavy rain that we had in the last 24 to 48 hours. here is a live look from canal road which is closed and it remains closed this morning as a result of flooding and mudslides in that area. we still have a lot of pooling waterlet over from the rain this morning. >> one lane now open heading into the city. one lane open on canal road. >> heavy rain and severe thunderstorm warnings last night and tornado warnings. most of the advisories are gone. we still have flood warnings for the rivers. much improved forecast for today. sunshine in the low to mid-50s for the first part of the day. >> that sounds good. >> a lot better. here is your radar are. rain shower activity, heavy rain off to the north and east. the coal are air filters in. a little snow there in west virginia. no worries here. we aren't going to get any snow. there could
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